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Taps & Dies

We can supply a very large range of taps and dies, much more than we list on this web site.  If you need something not listed contact us and we will endeavor to help.

All our taps and dies are of the highest quality. With brands such as Sutton, Bordo, Goliath and APEX UK.

High Speed Steel or Chrome Alloy Steel?

HSS is more accurately made, will wear better, and  maintains its hardness better at high temperatures. (better for machining work).
Tungston Alloy: cheaper, tougher (although HSS is still classed as having high toughness).

TAPS - Taper, Intermediate or Bottom?

Hand taps are available in 3 forms

¨ Taper                   Gradual taper used for starting new threads.

¨ Intermediate      Less tapered, used to follow a Taper tap or for restoring threads.

¨ Bottoming          Very little taper, so will cut thread to the bottom of a blind hole, but the lack of taper makes starting a new thread more difficult.

DIES - Button or Die Nut?
Button Dies     

Used for cutting new threads
Require the use of a die stock to hold the die
Have a small measure of adjustabilty in the depth of thread to be cut
Can be used for cleaning up old threads

Die Nuts

Used for cleaning/repairing existing threads
Hexagon shaped for use with a spanner
Die stock not required