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LOXX (Tenax) "Made in Germany"

der-original-knopf-neue-fertigung-1226x1226.jpgLOXX the German made TENAX fastener.

LOXX® is a secure fastening solution that is lockable, easily detachable and prevents accidental opening. It is regarded as particularly child-safe and senior-friendly.

Developed more than 80 years ago to fasten soft-top roofs on cars, the LOXX® fastener (the original German fastener) has found uses in many fields including the automotive industry, boat accessories, consumer goods, fashion, music and the automation industry.

Since 1928 only the company Schaeffer, today's Schaeffertec GmbH, is the German manufacturer of this ingenious fixing system. 

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NOTE: the "Made in England" Tenax is NOT compatable with the "Made in Germany" fastener.



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